Christy is a marine biologist and wildlife photographer.

She enjoys spending the majority of her time on the water and travelling around various countries where she documents wildlife, sea-life and city-landscapes.

Most of her pictures reflect the natural and creative behaviors of cetaceans, avians and fish. She invites you to view her work and enjoy viewing the world through her eyes.

Prints can be purchased online or be used for editorial work. Working offshore most of the year, the best way to reach her is by email.

She attended University of Oregon for her Bachelors degree in Marine Biology on the Pacific Northwest coast and continued on to pursue her Masters degree in Environmental Science at University of Sydney in Australia.  During her graduate work, she spent time on the Great Barrier Reef as well in Sydney Harbor studying various pollutants and their effect on the marine environment.

With a career as a professional consultant in marine biology, she has the opportunity to travel to different countries researching and documenting various marine mammal populations.  These areas include the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska including the Cook Inlet, Bering Sea and Prudhoe Bay, Western Australia, New Zealand, Africa including Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea & Angola and Portugal. She has gained her experience in photography from a diversity of classes and utilizing her degree through volunteer experiences to photographic the world around her.   

In 2013, she travelled to Western Australia to assistant at Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit in Western Australia. She worked 2 field-seasons on the tropical northern coast, Dampier Peninsula, of Western Australia where she did boat-based visual and photo-ID, biopsy sampling and field observations of the Australian snubfin and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins.  This research was of high conservation and management value as these inshore dolphins, found in mouths of tidal creeks, rivers and mangrove systems within 10 kilometres of land and in water less than 15 metres deep, are vulnerable to coastal development, catchment run-off and depleation of food sources from commercial fishing. This research contributed to the first baseline data set of their local abundance, residency and genetic connectivity in NW Australia. 

In 2012, she moved to Portugal to work with the Association for Investigation on the Marine Environment.  Collaborating with dolphin tour companies in Albufeira, on the southern tip of Portugal, photo-identification and field research was completed on the East Atlantic/Mediterranean cetacean population dynamics including Rizzo Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises

In 2009, she worked with Humpback Whale Acoustic Research Collaboration in Western Australia on Dirk Hartog Island. Operations included visually tracking Humpback whales migration routes using theodolite operations.  

And in 2001, she traveled to Maui, Hawaii to assist in the research and photo-identification of the Pacific bottlenose, spinner and spotted dolphins and the short-finned pilot whales.  

Christy has extensive experience with animal husbandry practices which began with equine health care in Michigan and continued onto marine mammal care in Florida that included Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, Florida manatees and Loggerhead turtles. 

Christy also spends her time working as captain aboard water taxi's and fishing vessels.  Her qualifications as a PADI diver, only contributes to her avid outdoor lifestyle and her love for photography.

"El amore se filtra como el agua dejando humedad para siempre".
"Luv like water infiltrates slowly down leaving moisture traces forever." (Amigos de Tierra, EspaƱa)